Would you like more customers?

If you would like to market your business to our members you can now use the UKCA Limassol website and notice board.

You can choose from three options for marketing.

Option 1 - Your leaflet on our Notice Board - 50 Euros per annum

Option 2 - Listing by Name - 100 Euros per annum

We will show your name, address, a brief description of your business together with contact details and an optional link to your existing website if you have one.

Option 3 - Your own Webpage on our Website - 200 Euros per annum

The Webpage will contain the above information together with a location map and up to four relevant photos of your business. We will also include a downloadable PDF or Text file of, for example, your brochure or menu.

We have hundreds of members, mostly UK citizens but, as membership is now open to all EU citizens, that number will grow in the future. So contact John Howard at johnhoward@ukcalim.com to arrange a meeting. Alternatively ring him on 99870816

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